A Sneak Peek at Tuum Tech’s MetaMask Identity Snap & Hedera DIDs

Tuum Tech
3 min readFeb 9, 2023


In November 2022, we released a blog post outlining our plans to create a new Decentralized Identity (DID) service using MetaMask Snaps. The Tuum Tech team has been working in the background to build out the underlying technology that will power DIDs on Hedera.

Now, we’re excited to highlight the progress we’ve made to our community through a demo and overview of our Snap’s functionality, marking a new chapter in DID technology and utility.

Watch our video demo and take a look through the different features below to learn more.

Create & Resolve DID

Our MetaMask Identity Snap provides an API that allows users to create their own DID with their private key and Hedera Account ID. It also lets users see their DID document after resolving a DID, interacting with the DID package in the backend, resolving the DID, and showing that it’s fully available.

This is the critical foundation of our DID technology and allows users to get onboarded smoothly and efficiently.

Issue & Save Verifiable Credential

Verifiable Credentials (VCs) contain a digital record of your personal information but come with extra security and authenticity since they’re built on the blockchain.

Our Identity Snap provides an API that lets users create and generate their own VCs from any type of data or information they want to publish. Once they’ve chosen the data they want to include, they can save it in a Snap storage location that’s hidden and secure so only they can access it.

Generate Verifiable Presentation from VC

Verifiable Presentations (VPs) let verifiers confirm if a Verifiable Credential is authentic, a key component to security and credibility in Web3. Our Identity Snap provides an API allowing users to generate their own VP from a VC, which is cryptographically verifiable and issuable by multiple individuals.

Of course, whenever the verification process takes place, the verifier’s identity will never be displayed to issuers — the process is completely private and secure.

Next Steps

Now that you have a better understanding of how our Identity Snap will work, let’s cover what’s coming up next for Tuum Tech:

  • Add Google Drive VC Storage: The VCs are currently stored on the user’s MetaMask plugin/app, so when they log into another browser or device, those VCs are unavailable. In order to sync them across browsers and devices, users will be able to store their VCs on their personal Google Drive.
  • Healthcare Portal Integration: This is the first application integrating our service where users will be able to create their own Hedera DIDs and log in to the Healthcare Patient Portal application using their DIDs and Verifiable Credentials issued by the Acoer team.
  • Increase Access to Mobile: As we continue to advance our MetaMask Identity Snap, we’ll be expanding access across multiple platforms, such as mobile devices.

For those interested in reading more about our Identity Snap’s documentation and how to integrate it into your website, visit our dedicated GitHub page.

You can also find more details surrounding the service and its official release here.

About Tuum Tech

We’re a software engineering company that believes new Web+ technology will change the world, and we’re making it happen with Decentralized Identities.

Our mission and contribution to the world is developing self-owned identities that aid in the blending of online and physical realities to benefit all of humanity.

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Tuum Tech

Our mission and contribution to the world is developing self-owned identities that aid in the blending of online and physical realities for all of mankind.