Tuum Technologies at the Web 3.0 Conference

As many of you may be aware, the Web 3.0 Conference just took place between January 26–27, where prominent speakers hosted sessions covering popular topics regarding Web3 and its future. It was a great way to kick off 2022 and the exciting prospects to come in this space, all sponsored by Elastos and many other crypto organizations.

Tuum Technologies had a major presence at the conference with our Founder, Donald Bullers, and Kiran Pachhai, our Co-founder and Technical Lead, taking center stage to present and showcase our products and what’s in store for the future.

Web3 Through the Eyes of an Internet Pioneer

Rong Chen, Founder of Elastos, and Donald participated in an interview together titled “Web3 Through the Eyes of an Internet Pioneer” to kick off the conference and get the conversation brewing.

Donald highlighted and went over his experiences working in the beginnings of Web0 and how the landscape has drastically evolved leading up to Web3, sparking a new revolution of the internet and completely transforming how we use it.

Rong also elaborated on his journey and why he decided to create his own operating system in China, discussing his experiences with Microsoft and other involvements and diving deeper into some of the solutions he came up with to improve upon the internet.

Time’s Up for Web2

Donald Bullers’ presentation titled “Time’s Up for Web2” addressed several key points around the internet’s predominant role in today’s society and where we’ve come to date.

He emphasized the importance of time as a valuable asset, tying it into the social media realm and how companies are targeting users to capture as much of their screen time as possible. Next came the transition from Web1 to Web3, glancing over the definition of each and the advancements we’ve made.

To conclude, Donald touched on how critical it is to “own yourself” in the new Web3 era through the use of a digital identity, covering the Elastos DID (Decentralized Digital Identity) and Profile, two flagship products aimed to change the way we think about self-sovereignty on the internet.

When discussing social media and ownership, Donald said, “You do not own those accounts. You cannot take that with you. All that information you’re doing on Twitter, spending your whole life trying to develop a following and get a reputation — you can’t take that with you to Facebook, you can’t take that with you to Instagram, you can’t take that anywhere… you have a username, it could be taken down. You mistakenly do something or someone impersonates you — the platform has the ability to take that away from you.”

Elastos Essentials: The Web3 Identity Superwallet

Kiran dove head-first into the prospects and challenges surrounding the Web3 space. More specifically, he focused mostly on the management of digital identities and how to maintain privacy and transparency on the internet.

This presentation was geared towards showcasing the benefits of the Elastos Essentials wallet, a powerful application allowing users to manage assets across various blockchains, their Web3 identities/DIDs, applications, and much more.

He touched on the fact that Elastos Essentials is an all-encompassing wallet that stores everything in one place, allowing for seamless access to all of these decentralized services. It’s the catalyst for true management and control over Web3’s most important features.

Learn More About Tuum Technologies

We’re a software engineering company in the decentralized internet realm aiming to develop a powerful product line allowing users to create dApps to flourish in the Web3 space. Our products include a digital identity, verifiable credentials, data storage, and peer-to-peer network, all running on Elastos to leverage its speed and privacy features.

To learn more about our organization, visit our website.




We make Web3 easy to use.

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Tuum Tech

We make Web3 easy to use.

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